Malleable Iron

Bushing-Face, Bushing-Hex, Cap, Coupling, Coupling-Reducing, Cross, Elbow-90 deg., Elbow-45 deg.,
Elbow Reducing, Elbow-90 deg. Street, Elbow-45 deg. Street, Extension Piece, Flange-Blind, Flange-Threaded Companion, Flange-Floor, Flange-Sweat Companion, Locknut, Plug-Colored, Plug-Countersunk, Plug-Solid,
Tee, Tee-Reducing, Tee-Street, Union

Extra Heavy: Cap, Coupling, Coupling-Reducing, Cross, Elbow-90deg., Elbow-45 deg., Elbow-Reducing,
Elbow-90 deg., Street, Flange-Companion, Tee, Tee-Reducing, Union, Union Elbow 90 deg.

Steel Nipple Fittings

Steel Merchant Couplings

Standard and Extra Heavy – Full and Half
1/8” thgrough 6” diameters, Black and Galvanized
Conforming to ASTM A-865, A-589, API 5-L

Seamless Steel Bushing and Plugs

Black and Galvanized|
1/8” through 3/4” diameters

Forged Steel Fittings

2000lb, 3000lb, 6000lb. 1/8” through 4” diameters
Threaded and Socket Weld – Outlet Fittings
Conforming to ASTM A-182, ASME/ANS B16.11, ASME/ANSI B1.20.1

Red Brass Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

Class 125lb. 1/8” through 4” diameters (Domestic and Imported)
Class 250lb. 1/8” through 2” diameters (Domestic only) Most shapes

Cast Iron Threaded Fittings

Conforms with ANSI B16.4 standard
Plugs and Bushings conform with ANSI B16.14
UL listed
FM Approved

Copper Fittings - Wrot Solder Joint Fittings

NSF 61 Certified
IAPMO Approved
Meets ANSI 16 Standards
Material Specifications to ASTM B88

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Copper Sweat Companion Flanges

Class 125 lb. and Class 150 lb.
1/2” through 8” diameters
A.S.M.E. drilling

150 lb. Threaded Fittings

1/8” through 4” diameters, most shapes
Grade T304 and T316
Conforming to ASTM A351

150 lb. Threaded Bar Stock Fittings

1/8” through 2” diameters
Couplings, bushings, caps, plugs and unions
Grade T304 and T316
Conforming to ASTM A278

3000 lb. Threaded and Socket Weld Fittings

1/8” through 2” diameters
Elbows, tees, couplings, caps, unions
Grade T304 and T316


Class 150 lb., MSS and ANSI, Grade T304 and T316
Threaded, slip-on, blind and weld neck

Chrome Plated Brass Pipe Fittings

Class 125 lb. 1/8” through 2” diameters
Most shapes

Also Available In Aluminun


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